Sunday, December 18, 2011

Guest Post: Frosting for the Cause

Ok, I seem to sometimes forget that I have a blog. Well truth is sometimes I forget alot of things. But I remember the kids and that is the important thing right? This time of the year is crazy enough with the holidays but add cookies to that and it is ridiculous!

I hope I haven't diminished the honor of guest posting on Frosting for the Cause with my lack of blogging, because it sure was my pleasure. Please check out this site and join if you can. There are some really cool recipes there and some names you may recognize as well!

I decided to stay away from posting any of my decorated cookies, you can see enough of them here and on my Facebook site. But instead, since I was writing about my Dad, I posted one of my Mom's cookie recipes that he loves. The best thing was that Mom was in town during this time to help me with some of the pictures. She was happy that I only showed her hands ;)

So here it is, from back on December 2nd. Mom's Almond Lace Cookies! And here he is... my Daddy, me and my big Sis... Oh and don't let that picture fool you, it was only taken 24 yrs ago ;)

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