Friday, February 17, 2012

Ok, the thing is....

 We REALLY NEED some sun here in the mid west. It is really putting a downer on my picture taking!!! I really don't want to go "build" a light box. My house can only hold so much!

Having said that, please excuse the poor pictures. 

These were for my daughter's preschool class.

Who can tell me why these conversation hearts are still being made? It may be just me- but they are totally gross. They smell and really don't taste sweet at all. It must be the cute little sayings that keep them in business.
I had a really cute idea to place one cookie in a bag with a few candy hearts. Well, when I was bagging them, DD came up, gagged and asked it they were for her class. After begging me NOT to do that to her friends, I agreed... cute or not, children do not have to be subjected to that torture. No candy for you. Just one large cookie heart. Oh well, it was a good thought.

I usually think little M is crazy for reacting to food the way she does, but honestly, these candy are nasty. Sorry. 

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  1. I think the pictures came out great! Love your conversation cookie hearts! So sweet and the colors are perfect! Sweetheart candy is only good for background coloring. ;) Bet your daughter's class loved the cookies! And your rose heart cake is gorgeous! I should have made something like that for my DH!


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