Friday, March 23, 2012

My Little Max and Ruby

When my now 5 year old was about 2 1/2 years, she was OBSESSED with the (and I am proud to say, Canadian Production) Max and Ruby. Thankfully back then it played all the time on Nickjr. There was really no merchandise in the stores of M and R to find. My mother bought her some dolls and books online- it was quite the find back then!

So you have to understand why, when I walked into the Target hotspot (which yes I frequent often... awesome!) I was floored at all the Max and Ruby stuff! And for only $1!! I loaded up. Shhhhh don't tell them the Easter bunny is bringing them M&R stuff.

I was also inspired to, of course, make them into cookies and take my new purchase of a KopyKake projector for a  spin. I hope I don't offend anyone by saying this (because if you knew me you would know that's not me... so please don't hate me)- but I feel as though I "broke down" and bought one. I tried, for a year now to produce absolutely everything by hand, but have seen the light. (Ahhhh...) It is just not cost effective and way too time consuming to do it all by hand. And as a mother of a Max and Ruby, I seriously don't have anytime to spend making templates or screwing up cookies. I honestly thought I was not using my talent by using this projector. Here I am humbly bowing at y'all. I was wrong.

It really is not like "tracing" one bit. It is not a 100% clear dark line. It still take a real artist, a steady hand and piping skills to match, to make this projector work. And I say that as someone who is still learning and growing.

"Once you think you have nothing left to learn, is when you actually stop learning and growing."
~ Glene Keene

So these little cookies are for my little Max and my bossy Ruby. It's ok to say that, she can't read. I just hope they eat them. They are so over my cookies, they just want Oreos!!


  1. These are fantastic! My almost 3YO daughter LOVES the show!

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