Monday, December 16, 2013

Day Eight: My Favorite Tools of the Trade: Part Two

1. Microplane Zester/Grater

Uneven cookies? A square that turns into a triangle? Just file it down. Most everyone now a days has a zester or microplaner of some kind. This is what I use on my baked cookies that just need a little "fine tuning." Jill of JILL FCS has a great little write up on it HERE.

The best thing about this little microplane is that it's narrow enough to get into small spaces. 

If I didn't have a microplane, these cookies would have NEVER lined up. And even now that I look at them, I should have done't shaved off a bit more!

2. Bench Scraper for Bumpy Cookies

Are you cookies a little bumpy when they come out of the oven? 

I use my bench scraper on warm cookies to flatten them out. While the cookies are still warm, run your bench scrapper, fondant smoother or even a flat spatula over it. I like that my bench scraper is metal and heats up a little. I think it may help with the smoothing. Or it's all in my little mind...

Just place onto and run it over, side to side a few times. You have to work quickly before they cool down.

See, nice and smooth. I hope you can see. :) This REALLY helps when you are flooding a cookie and you don't want the icing to fall off the sides. 

This is my bench scrapper. You can purchase it HERE.

The Bearfoot Baker also has a great blog post about it HERE!

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