Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day Five: The Best Piping Tips Around

And by BEST I mean, if we were talking cars these would be a Porsche. PME Tips that is. 

When I started decorating, I never knew there was anything other than Wilton tips. Wilton tips are great and I still use them for anything like a 2 or above. However when it comes to writing, I INSIST on using my PME Tips. 

Besides the fact that they don't tarnish like the Wilton tips, PME tips are made without a seam. This means there is little to no curling in your icing when it comes out. If I get a little curling that means I need to go up a size tip. But honestly that rarely happens.

Which brings me to the next reason I love PME tips. They come in half sizes. My all time favorite for lettering is the PME #1.5 tip. Sometimes, if the icing is too thin, I go down to a #1.

These were done with a #1.5

You can see and example of how I pipe letters on my cookies in this little video. 

Read more about it in this post from earlier in the year HERE.

While PME Tips are not cheap, I feel they are well worth the investment. 

PME can be purchased online at:

Give at least one a try! If I could only buy one PME tip, I would get the #1.5. Add it to your Christmas List, you won't regret it!! 

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