Monday, December 9, 2013

Day Four: Royal Icing- Have you heard about Glycerine?

Up until this time last year, I was a failure at making Royal Icing. Seriously. Take a look at these Halloween pictures from 2012. 

 I'm not sure if you can see it, but it was very poofy. Marshmallow fluff almost. It dried matte and pitted. It also tasted horrible. A dry flakey mess. My previous attempt at Royal Icing didn't even dry after 24hrs!!

 It took me a while and a little advice to try again. Thanks to Ali Bee's Bake Shop, I was able to make an almost perfect batch of royal icing for the first time in almost 2 years!!

 I was finally able to do those ruffles that I have seen and my piping became a lot crisper and prettier. It also is a lot lighter and much easier on my wrist than my previous icing. 

You can find Ali Bee's icing recipe HERE and she even has a YouTube tutorial, which you can find HERE also. If you are like me and learn visually, give it a watch. Its fantastic!

Now onto the love for GLYCERINE!

Thanks to a huge supportive and helpful group of cookiers, I was introduced to the world of GLYCERINE, in Royal Icing. Apparently this is what gives royal icing that soft bite. After numerous combinations of corn syrup to glycerine ratios, I am content with what I have found. 

There are a lot of blogs that have posted their Glycerine Royal Icing Recipe. You can find them here:
Sweet P's- Is it Royal or is it Glaze?
Sugar Kissed- Royal Icing

Basically I add 1 (generous) tsp, to my Royal Icing Recipe of 2 lbs of powdered sugar.

If you are interested in using Glycerine in your Royal Icing, please purchase the Food Grade Glycerine. You can find the Wilton brand anywhere Wilton sells their products.
Such as Amazon, Michaels, Hobby Lobby

Thanks for stopping by! Happy baking!


  1. is this the same sort of stuff that is on the Starbucks snowman cookies? If not, what IS that stuff and how do you make it? And either way how do you get your areas of icing so smooth and perfect?

    1. Starbucks uses chocolate as opposed to icing... that's their trade trick :)

  2. Thanks so much form sharing your knowledge, I just made my first batch of RI and glycerin so I'm excited to used it!!!!


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