Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day NINE: We're talking Color!

Food colors. When decorating, having the right color can either make or break a design and… well,  a cookie artist! Colors that bleed, colors that taste bad, blotchy colors…. its all a decorating nightmare. 

While I have only been decorating for a little over 3 years, I feel as though I have learned a lot. Considering where I started. Mostly due to generous bloggers and of course, trial and error. But here are some of the essentials am so grateful to have learned. 

How to get the perfect Red, that doesn't make you throw up:

These are the few and only Gel Colors I ever use:

Wilton- No Taste Red
Americolor- Tulip Red
Americolor- Super Red (Sparingly. This is one that can cause the bitter taste)

This is how I made my red.
Start with Americolor Tulip Red. This will give you an OrangeRed. I then add a very small amount of SuperRed. Now this is the color that will make your icing bitter so don't add too much. Just enough to pull it from the orange side to the red side. I then add a touch of Warm Brown. HOWEVER, the key to best color is letting it sit. About a few hours or best, overnight.

You will notice it go from an orange red….


To a bright red. I think I went a bit to far here. But at least it shows you how much it can change in just a bit of time.

The same goes for black icing. I usually mix my black to a dark Charcoal and let it sit.

In a short amount of time a nice deep dark black will form. 

Another tip is to add Cocoa to your Red and Black Icing. This is a tip I learned from LilaLoa. You can find the post on her blog HERE.

Americolor Color Gels are what I use on a daily basis for both mixing into icing and painting for on cookies.

 I do have and use some Wiltons. For example the Wilton Cornflower blue is one of my favs as well as their Rose Petal. I have not had much luck with the Americolor Pinks- but then again- mixing color is not my strong suit. 

You can find a fantastic color chart here on Sweet SugarBelle's Blog. Both Callye, aka SugarBelle and Georganne of Lila Loa are TREMENDOUS color genius'! 

What about Food Color Markers?

I Love my food color markers. For both adding those little details to iced cookies

or for drawing on a plain cookie. 

These particular Food Doodlers are fantastic because of their fine point. Usually when I use markers it calls  for a fine point and these work out perfectly!!!

FOOD DOODLERS can be purchased HERE.

AMERICOLOR FOOD GELS can be purchased here on AMAZON in various colors and sets.
They can also be purchased here on Karen's Cookies.

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