Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day Six: Bags or Bottles??

When cookie decorating, what do you use, bags or bottles?

I am pretty much a two consistency girl. 

1. Piping Icing 2. Flood Icing and if I am feeling adventurous, I use a stiffer consistency than piping icing, for dimension items such as leaves or rope borders.

 I use bags for all my piping icing and bottles for all my flood. I just find it easier to put flood in bottle than in a bag. Vise versa for the piping icing. 

You can purchase these wherever Wilton products are sold or:

I prefer these bottles over others because of how soft they are. The soft plastic makes it so much easier on your hand when decorating a lot of cookies.

Now, if I had ton of money to throw at decorating, I would replace all my bottles with these beauties:

Kuhn Rikon Deco squirt Bottles:
I have one cherished red top Kuhn bottle. Sigh. The great things about these are they're larger than normal openings and the coupler allows you to change out the tips. For when you need to flood in tight spaces, that the tips on the regular bottles would be too small for. 

All tips, Wilton, Ateco and PME's fit on these. They're also very soft like the Wiltons bottles.

These can be purchased at:

Ok, as far as bags. I use the reusable ones. Not too much to tell there. They all seem to be the same. I wash them and reuse. However since I do use the Saran Wrap Icing Pod trick by Karen from Karen's Cookies, I don't think I have bought bags all year. 

These are my little pods. I love seeing the colors all lines up and ready. ahhhhh….

You can find Karen's Video HERE.
Also, SugarBelle has a great post on how she uses Press n' Seal for her icing pods.
You can find her post HERE.

Lastly, here is my little trick. I use IKEA CHIP CLIPS instead of those Wilton icing bag rubber bands. I do have them and use them here and there. But I tend to break them too quickly! So, these smaller IKEA clips are by far my favorite. As I use up the icing and need to squish it down and make a tighter seal, its super easy and quick with these little guys. 

If I do have a different consistency in a bag, I write on the side of the clip with a dry erase marker and wipe it off after each use. Now if you don't have an IKEA close by, you can find them online HERE.

Happy Cookie Making! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh my goodness! My roommate and I use IKEA clips for our bags too! Love them!

  2. I find the Kuhn bottles hard to squeeze. I change the bottom for a Wilton bottle they are much softer and they fit

    1. Glad that works for you!! I don't know what I did then? I accidentally put a Kuhn lid on a Wilton bottle and it popped off all over my cookie!! Maybe the icing was too thick….

  3. Krista, I have a couple dozen Kuhn bottles that I cherish! And thanks to you I just ordered 30 of the IKEA clips! Great article my friend!

  4. Yo ahora las empesare a usar porque como yo lo hacia son mas incómodos . Gravias por vuestros consejos.

  5. I love those Kuhn bottles. I use them with the Wilton bottles, too. I even found the Wilton bottles at our dollar store 2 for $1! So, what I saved on the bottles I spent on the lids. And I'm glad I,m not the only 2 - consistency gal around. I feel like it is way more work, but it's what I am used to. Thanks for your post.

  6. Replies
    1. That site is shut down due to court order. They were allegedly selling counterfeit items! Wow!

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