Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day Twelve: My Most Favorite Decorating Tool is….. oh and an Announcement!

Welcome 2014!!! What a year it has been. I am truly blessed to have found this outlet for my artwork as well as the many possibilities that lay ahead.

But I can't forget about Day 12 of my favorite things!! So what is my all time favorite decorating tool?

Drum roll please… 


So, if you have tried it, I'm almost pretty sure you are in LOVE with it as much as I am!!

Do you NEED one, well…no, but it sure makes life a lot easier and faster when decorating.  Many decorators do not have a kopykake or similar projector and still produce beautiful works of cookie art. 
(Links to these artists will be at the bottom)

I didn't get a projector until I had been decorating for a year. To say it changed my life, is putting it mildly. Even though you are "tracing" images, whether they are your own or not, or lettering, you are still learning in the process. Your work takes on a "new life." 

Using this projector does take a tad bit of getting used to, as far as where to place your hand when piping, but it all comes in time. Soon you will be a pro and be declaring your love for the KK as I do today!!!

I have the KopyKake 300XK. It can be found online:

            *** NOW FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT ***

So, once you have a KopyKake, where to find those images to use???? Most digital clipart comes with an additional fee and many stipulations as to what you can use it for and even where you can sell these items.

This is where I come in. I am so excited to announce that Cookies with Character has decided to branch off into a ClipArt Production shop, called DRAWN with Character! 

In this shop I will sell both Black and White images, geared to those of us who decorate cookies, as well as Full Color images for all your clip art and scrapbooking needs! Each file you purchase will come with:
1- PNG with entire clear image
1- PNG with just transparent background
1- Kopykake image

Most clip art sites do not include this last image size. It really isn't a big deal if you don't mind resizing your images. But, if you are looking for an image ready to go, I have it. All the images labeled KK will be formatted to fit on a cookie sized anywhere from 2-5 inches. Download, print and ready to go!!

Along with this price and zip file(s), comes a Small Commercial License. This license allows you to use my artwork in items for resale, as long as they are under 100 in quantity! If you wish to produce more than 100 items, a Mass Production License can be purchased for a fee. *** It really is a small price to pay, but please support the artist and don't "borrow" artwork from the internet without permission or license.***

Right now there is an end of the season sale. Spend $12 and get $3 off. That is the like getting one clip art free!

Just enter promo code SHOP2014 at checkout. Sale ends January 4, 2014.


Stay tuned for the tutorial on how I made this little guy, with Clip Art Available in the Etsy Shop, Drawn with Character!

I just want to make mention that you don't always need a projector to produce these types of cookies. You can most certainly use other methods such as creating a stencil, cutting the artwork out by pieces or using tracing paper. These projectors just make it easier and quicker.

The Bearfoot Baker has a great post on the paper cut out method HERE.
SweetAmbs shows how simple it is to transfer images with tissue paper HERE.


  1. I'm so excited for you, Krista! I love your characters and can't wait to cookie them!

  2. Can't wait to see where Drawn with Character take you! Your characters are the cutest!! Happy New Year Krista!

  3. You rock Krista!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought the KK 300XK about a month ago. I'm in love. LOL I can't wait to see your images. Happy New Year.

  4. What kind of paper do you have to print on in order to use the copycake?


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