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Day Two: Favorite Cookie Recipes and more!



Cookies that spread twice their size? Cookies and icing that are hard as a rock? Cookies that taste like pure sweet flour? Yep. Been there done that. Finding the right cookie dough and icing have been one of my biggest struggles since I started cookie decorating.

I began using my Mother's sugar cookie recipe. (Recipe at the end of this post) She has been making these sugar cookies since I was a kid and whenever her grandkids are around, they make them together.  This was after bath time and before bed. Late night baking runs in the family! ;)

It sure is yummy and I do use it often. However, I find the ratio of butter to flour and its need to chill, makes it a little difficult for me. When doing small batches and if you're in no hurry, its fantastic! Once you roll/cut the first time, you may need to put it back into the fridge for a while to set up a bit. Great for kids though. It is what I use with them and just let them put sprinkles on.

As I started making more and more cookies, I set out on a quest for a recipe that was easier to handle for someone like me. Since then, I have tried numerous recipes. Here are a few of my favorites.

Sweet SugarBelle's is so yummy with the added powdered sugar. This is a no chill recipe and is great for those who don't like to wait. You know who you impatient bakers are! Sweet SugarBelle's recipe can be found HERE.

The Decorated Cookie's Recipe is "shortbread-ish." There is no baking powder and so there is little to no spread on these cookies. Just glorious! ;) You can find it HERE.

Lila Loa has two fantastic recipes. Both come in a CHILL AND NO CHILL version! Yay!

1.The Vanilla Variation and 2. The End-All Chocolate Roll Out Recipe. Both are truly delicious and quite honestly, I cannot make the chocolate ones without eating half the dough. So I have to limit my baking of that recipe.
Both of these can be found on LilaLoa's site HERE.

This Vanilla Variation has become my staple of late. I love how it keeps it shape and stays soft after decorating.

***These three sites are amazing sites for those just starting the cookie decorating journey! They are filled with tips, tutorials and recipes for almost anything you can imagine!***

Want to know my little easy trick for rolling out dough?

I learned this from the uber talented Jill of Jill FCS. It seriously changed my life, lol! You can find her Facebook page HERE. But warning, don't look unless you have an hour to kill. You will easily get trapped scrolling through her gorgeous cookies and cakes!!

This is how I roll out my cookie dough.

Between 2 sheets of saran wrap. I buy a large box from Sam's club for about $16. It usually lasts me 11-12 months! Yep! And I am a super crazy wrapper especially for the freezer and it lasts me that long!!

If I am not chilling the dough, I go ahead and cut out my shapes. IF not, I fold the edges of the saran wrap. Layer the "sheets" on a cutting board and stick them in the fridge. When I am ready to cut, I take out the dough about 15-30 mins before.

Then cut away! Once I have finished with one "sheet of dough," I either add it to a bowl and keep it in the fridge or just re roll until I'm done. I do this with each "sheet" of dough. Any remainder from each is then re-rolled together and cut out at the very end. The last cookie is just as tasty as the first. Also, quick, easy clean up!
* You can also use parchment paper for rolling. I have tried but it moves too much. That is what I like about the wrap.

Anyways, this is JUST what works for me!!  Oh and pardon the pictures. (It is yet another dark day here in the midwest.)

Nana's Sugar Cookie Recipe:

Cream together:
3/4 cup of Butter (salted or unsalted)
1 cup of granulated sugar

Then add:
2 Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla

Sift together:
2 3/4 cups of flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

Slowly add dry ingredients into wet, blending until smooth.
Chill for 1-2 hrs until firm. Roll small amounts of dough at a time, placing it back in the fridge if it gets too soft. I tend to roll this recipe at 1/4". I find it stays a little softer that way.

Bake for about 8 mins for 375 degrees.

*Makes about 4 dozen, 3" cookies

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  1. Love the saran wrap idea! I am also searching for a "go to" recipe that doesn't spread. I will try this one! Do you add all or 1/2 of the baking powder called for in this recipe? Do you have any trouble with spreading? Thanks!!


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