Friday, January 31, 2014

How to Transfer an Image Without a KopyKake- Plus a FREEBIE!

Kopykake projectors are awesome, we all have heard this. However they are not cheap. If you are a hobby cookie decorator or just not ready to make that investment, but want an easy way to transfer images, I have one for you… and all I'm going to use is tissue paper and a sharp pencil or food color marker. Yep, thats it!

For this example I am going to use one of my images from my Etsy Shop, "Drawn with Character.
Except to kick off FRIDAY FREEBIES here on my blog…. I am giving it to you for free!!!

This image can only be downloaded by clicking on the Freebie Tab above. (Since Etsy doesn't allow "freebies," it will only be available here.) Size the image to the coordinating size of your baked cookie and print it out. 
(You can also see all the  Freebies in the tab up above)

Supplies Needed for this Project:

Baked Heart Shaped Cookie
Icing in Red, White, Black and pink- 15-20 sec.
Sharp Pencil or/and Food Color Marker
Tissue Paper

For this I used plain tissue paper that you use to wrap presents etc. Just cut a small square just larger than your cookie. Trace your image from a printed copy onto the tissue paper. I used the food color marker to start with and I will show you more later. However, you can use either pencil or marker at this point, it doesn't really matter.
** Don't mind the "grey" print. Yours should be black. My printer was low on ink and well, I was a tad lazy. ;)

Start by flooding a red heart on your cookie. *Very Important! LET DRY AT LEAST 8-12 HRS. Since we will be putting pressure on the icing, we don't want it to cave in.

Place the traced image onto the dry, flooded cookie. Making sure it lines up with the bunny's nose at the bottom tip. Now, you can choose either the marker or the pencil to trace. Just go over the existing lines that you just traced, once again. 

You can see here that I did the bunny in marker and the wording in pencil. Since the red is considerably dark, the pencil "carving" shows up better than the marker. I was worried about the marker below bleeding into the white icing, so I tried using a pencil. Any sharp- yet not too sharp tool would work as well. Just make sure it doesn't rip the paper too much.

Next flood the ears. While they are still wet, drop in some pink lines for the inside of the bunny ears.
 Let dry a while so you can get a nice definition between the ears and the head. Flood head shape, leaving a spot for the nose. While head sets up, place two black sugar pearls for the eyes or wait and pipe black dots later. I used these SUGAR PEARLS.

Pipe pink nose and one strand of hair a top his little head. While nose is still wet, drop a line of white icing into nose with either a scribe or a toothpick and pull it across.

Pipe paws in either two lines or one at a time. Leaving time in-between to dry.

Finish strands of hair and paws. 

Now it's detailing time. My favorite part! As you may notice in most of my artwork, I add eyebrows. It may not be needed most of the time, but I feel as though it adds just that little something. They can either be piped on or painted on. A lot of times when we decorate cookies, we use dot eyes for simplicity purposes. However, dot eyes can be very tough if you are trying to convey a certain expression. Without pupils to look to the left or up, it is the eye brows that can add so much!

*Although having said that, my poor little bunny looks more scared than innocent. Oh well, not every cookie is a masterpiece. Just eat it!

 You can choose a lace boarder or dots. Its up to you! 

As you can see from my supplies picture, I decided to challenge myself and NOT use any tips. I use these super soft decorating bags that were recommended to me by my friends Nadia (My Little Bakery) and Jill (Jill FCS). Nadi from My Little Bakery uses these bags exclusively and does the most amazing work!!! After decorating with these bags, I bow to her even more. They are fantastic if you want to throw out your 0 or 00 tip. I could never get them to work. But all this black piping was done with these awesome bags. So I will keep them for that and just choose to watch Nadia do her wonderful cookies!!!

These bags can be purchased HERE on Ebay.

Amber Spiegel of SweetAmbs, also did a fantastic post on transferring an image using tissue paper. You can find her post HERE.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

SugarBelle "Guest Decorator" for the Day!

How awesome would it be if someone you admired for years, actually became your friend? (Ok... online friend but I'd say we are friends. I hope I'm not just dreaming…)

That would be pretty cool, eh?

How about if that super duper talented friend actually took a piece of your artwork and then performed that crazy cookie magic mojo on it- just like you had admired for years?

Pretty awesome I say! 
I love this cookie community!!

Callye, aka Sweet SugarBelle and I decided to collaborate on a little cookie for Valentine's day. She had a brilliant idea to make love birds on both a mustache cutter and a butterfly. This is where I came in. I designed an image that hopefully takes the time consuming "planning" out of cookie making and allows you all to concentrate solely on the love of decorating! This was one of my goals in starting my Etsy Shop "Drawn with Character." To provide images not only to the clip art community but to the cookie and cake decorating community. 

Our goal was to show you all, just how fun and versitile it can be to use a piece of clipart. It doesn't necessarily have to be on a specific shaped cookie. There can be a lot of interest in placing an image on various cookie shapes.

Best of all we are giving YOU the image as a Friday Freebie!!! Ok, is not Friday yet but this is going to kick off the Friday Freebies. Who knows, I just may have another one tomorrow!! ;)

This Image can be downloaded by clicking HERE , since Etsy doesn't allow "freebies."

This image can be printed out to fit on most butterfly cutters that we all own. The one I used is from this set here,  Wilton 101 piece Tub but Wilton also makes a few almost the exact same shape. Take a look at a few of the different sets on Amazon.

Now best of all, we have a fantastic tutorial to go along with this! If you haven't already been there, hop on over to The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle's to see how she used this image on a butterfly cookie  and much more!! And if you already have- go back- I'm sure there is something to look at!! 

I am crazy excited for how these turned out! They are beyond perfect! 
Thanks again Callye, for all the support and inspiration!!! xx

Saturday, January 11, 2014

INTRODUCING New CafePress Shop

You can now own designs from both "Cookies with Character" and my sister site "Drawn with Character" from CafePress. My CafePress Shop can be found by clicking HERE and on the button to the right. >>>>

In this shop you will find everything from aprons and kitchenware to stationary,T-shirts, mugs and lunch sacks. Lets not forget baby clothes and kids shirts!!

The shop is called Drawn with Character but includes all designs by Krista Heij-Barber, from Cookies with Character and Drawn with Character. 

Some of the Stationary and Mugs that you can get with "Cookies with Character's" photos on are:

Mason Jar and Flowers


Hand painted Cherry Blossoms

Some of the Illustrations from "Drawn with Character" are:

Peanut Butter and Jelly 
Bacon and Eggs 
Cookies and Milk 
Coffee and Donuts 

How about an apron with Cookies and Milk?

Or a pot holder? Lots more to choose from in the shop!

**I am slowly adding to the shop so check back often.** 

*If you see a product on CafePress that I HAVE NOT added, that you would like with an image, please contact me and I can add it for no charge. 

Please make sure you like my Facebook pages. It's here that I will be putting up coupons for my shop as CafePress releases them.

Facebook Pages:

Have a great weekend!!! :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Polar Bear with Ornament Tutorial

So you have seen a cute piece of artwork, either on a card or online. You think, hey that would make a great cookie. What to do next?

First, you figure out if it is copyrighted or not. (Allow me to get on my soapbox for just a moment)

If you see an image in a card, on ribbon or on a clip art website. It is almost 100% copyrighted. This is not just a "oh well, who will know" kind of Copyright. This is a business. This is someone's livelihood. This is someone's hard earned time. You know the time, you have spent, baking those cookies, making the icing, telling your kids, just one more minute. Hard earned time. How would you feel if I took those cookies and sold them as MY OWN? It would sting wouldn't it? Not only are you hurt, but I just took money away from you. This is what you do, when you innocently "borrow" someone's artwork when making something for resale. (I am not talking about the hobbiest or someone who is not making an income from cookies).

So I ask you to please take this in consideration when looking at images. Please support the artist and pay the little that it costs to use these images properly.

(Stepping off soapbox now, thank you for your time)

This is why I have decided to open a shop of clip art images, geared towards decorators. These images in Drawn with Character can be used when decorating your own cookies. Each image sale comes with a "small commercial license" for resale up to 100 in quantity, with a linkable credit to Drawn with Character wherever and whenever you display your cookies.

OK, let's make this little Polar Bear and Ornament. You can purchase this image off my Etsy store. It is currently discounted for end of season.

Supplies Needed:
15 sec. icing in whatever holiday colors you want. I chose the standard 
Green, Red, White and Yellow
Also needed, black and pink for the details
Gold Luster Dust
Sky Blue Gel Food Color

This is how I hand cut cookies from a homemade template.

How to make the template:

Enlarge the image to the size of the cookie you want.
Print it out. 
Place it on a light table if possible. Place a piece of card stock on top or in this case, I used an index card.
Trace around the image, keeping in mind to stay away from small points that could cause week areas and cookie breakage.

 Cover both sides of the card in clear packing tape. Make sure the sides of the tape overlap.
Cut out image.

You now have a template that is protected from all the buttery goodness and greasiness!
Place on chilled cookie dough.
Use an exato knife or sharp knife to cut around the template.
Cut as many shapes as you can before lifting them to the cookie sheet.
If the cookie edges are a little rough, just tap the sides with your finger to smooth them out.

* Just pretend the above ornament is green. ;) Sometimes I get a little mixed up when taking pictures.*
*Important: Start by flooding the ornament first. That way you will get the feeling that the bear's hands are onto of the ornament, not melding into it.
Flood ornament and while it is still wet, place lines across the ornament. Be sure to make them flow with the shape of the ornament, that will build the illusion of dimention.
While it is still wet, drag a pick, in any pattern you wish. I started in the middle and went down. Making sure to create a rounded shape as you do.

 Next pipe the hands, head ears and feet, leaving open spaces for the pads of the feet.
While still wet, drop in pink blobs to the ears and use pick to drag a thin point towards the heat.
Pipe hook for ornament.
Layer scarf and hat. Start with what is BEHIND first. This will add to the dimension once again.
So start with the top part of the hat and the lower scarf tie. Continue layering, letting each layer dry.
Add pink toes and pads on feet once white has dried.

 Pipe small round poofs for pom pom of hat.
If you wish, place cookie back under projector for details on eyes, nose, eyebrows, hairs, scarf and hat.
Want a little more life in your eyes? While the black is still wet as a small drop of white piping icing, on the tip of a pick, to create a highlight.
Same goes for the nose. You can make the highlight as big or small as you like. I just used a piping bag for his nose here.

Once the icing is totally dry, about 12-24 hrs, you can apply a light coat of luster dust to the ornament's hook. But be sure its dry or the icing may pit.

At the end, I felt as though the white of the bear blended into the cookie a little and needed something. ?? So I used a very little bit of sky blue gel color, and brushed it in very lightly into the cracks and crevasses of the cookie to try and give a little more dimension. 

Add a few snowflakes and this was a cute little teacher gift!!

Once again this bear image can be purchased from my Etsy Store, Drawn with Character. It is on sale for $2 today. 

All the End of Season Winter images are on sale, just enter promo code SHOP2013  until Saturday. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!! Have a great day. Its a snow day here. Yippee!!!!

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