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How to Transfer an Image Without a KopyKake- Plus a FREEBIE!

Kopykake projectors are awesome, we all have heard this. However they are not cheap. If you are a hobby cookie decorator or just not ready to make that investment, but want an easy way to transfer images, I have one for you… and all I'm going to use is tissue paper and a sharp pencil or food color marker. Yep, thats it!

For this example I am going to use one of my images from my Etsy Shop, "Drawn with Character.
Except to kick off FRIDAY FREEBIES here on my blog…. I am giving it to you for free!!!

This image can only be downloaded by clicking on the Freebie Tab above. (Since Etsy doesn't allow "freebies," it will only be available here.) Size the image to the coordinating size of your baked cookie and print it out. 
(You can also see all the  Freebies in the tab up above)

Supplies Needed for this Project:

Baked Heart Shaped Cookie
Icing in Red, White, Black and pink- 15-20 sec.
Sharp Pencil or/and Food Color Marker
Tissue Paper

For this I used plain tissue paper that you use to wrap presents etc. Just cut a small square just larger than your cookie. Trace your image from a printed copy onto the tissue paper. I used the food color marker to start with and I will show you more later. However, you can use either pencil or marker at this point, it doesn't really matter.
** Don't mind the "grey" print. Yours should be black. My printer was low on ink and well, I was a tad lazy. ;)

Start by flooding a red heart on your cookie. *Very Important! LET DRY AT LEAST 8-12 HRS. Since we will be putting pressure on the icing, we don't want it to cave in.

Place the traced image onto the dry, flooded cookie. Making sure it lines up with the bunny's nose at the bottom tip. Now, you can choose either the marker or the pencil to trace. Just go over the existing lines that you just traced, once again. 

You can see here that I did the bunny in marker and the wording in pencil. Since the red is considerably dark, the pencil "carving" shows up better than the marker. I was worried about the marker below bleeding into the white icing, so I tried using a pencil. Any sharp- yet not too sharp tool would work as well. Just make sure it doesn't rip the paper too much.

Next flood the ears. While they are still wet, drop in some pink lines for the inside of the bunny ears.
 Let dry a while so you can get a nice definition between the ears and the head. Flood head shape, leaving a spot for the nose. While head sets up, place two black sugar pearls for the eyes or wait and pipe black dots later. I used these SUGAR PEARLS.

Pipe pink nose and one strand of hair a top his little head. While nose is still wet, drop a line of white icing into nose with either a scribe or a toothpick and pull it across.

Pipe paws in either two lines or one at a time. Leaving time in-between to dry.

Finish strands of hair and paws. 

Now it's detailing time. My favorite part! As you may notice in most of my artwork, I add eyebrows. It may not be needed most of the time, but I feel as though it adds just that little something. They can either be piped on or painted on. A lot of times when we decorate cookies, we use dot eyes for simplicity purposes. However, dot eyes can be very tough if you are trying to convey a certain expression. Without pupils to look to the left or up, it is the eye brows that can add so much!

*Although having said that, my poor little bunny looks more scared than innocent. Oh well, not every cookie is a masterpiece. Just eat it!

 You can choose a lace boarder or dots. Its up to you! 

As you can see from my supplies picture, I decided to challenge myself and NOT use any tips. I use these super soft decorating bags that were recommended to me by my friends Nadia (My Little Bakery) and Jill (Jill FCS). Nadi from My Little Bakery uses these bags exclusively and does the most amazing work!!! After decorating with these bags, I bow to her even more. They are fantastic if you want to throw out your 0 or 00 tip. I could never get them to work. But all this black piping was done with these awesome bags. So I will keep them for that and just choose to watch Nadia do her wonderful cookies!!!

These bags can be purchased HERE on Ebay.

Amber Spiegel of SweetAmbs, also did a fantastic post on transferring an image using tissue paper. You can find her post HERE.


  1. thanks for the freebe. i love this cookie.

  2. This is so stinkin' cute! I love it and can't wait to give it a try...thank you for sharing!

  3. Gorgeous cookie and thans for the freebie :)

  4. Es excelente esta galleta y TODO lo que haces. Desde Argentina leo tu blog y me es de gran inspiración para todos mis trabajos. Cuando quieras visitar mi blog serás bienvenida. Gracias!!

  5. Thanks for the great tutorial and the freebie. Can't wait to try it.

  6. Thanks for this wonderful tutorial! Can I ask what kind of food marker you are using?

    1. Thank you! I love Food Doodlers. You can find them here. They have a very fine tip- great!!

  7. I made these today!! THANK YOU so much for the fabulous directions! I will post a pic on your FB page!

  8. Love this!!! Can't wait to try it. I actually made this cookie but I did it free hand

  9. Beautiful! I was wondering if it was safe to use pencil and tissue paper since they may not be considered "edible"? I'm a nurse so I'm always look into food safety things I guess. Your work is amazing and I love these! Thanks for posting!

  10. As far as the bags, you just clip the end and don't use any tips with these, right? I am off to order!

  11. Ohh! ! It's beautiful ♡♡♡♡thank you

  12. Did you not use tips for any part of decorating this bunny cookie? I always thought a tip was a "must". Glad to see it can be done well without one. How much tip of the bag do you cut off? assuming not too much or it will "gush" out...

  13. This is delightful. I found this cookie blog from your "Drawn with..." blog. I can't do icing. Frankly I can't even bake the darn cookie but I thoroughly enjoyed watching you! Hugs, Lesley

  14. you are my cookie goddess! i'm definitely gonna use some of your ideas, thank you for sharing :)

  15. you are my cookie goddess! i'm definitely gonna use some of your ideas, thank you for sharing :)

  16. Thank you! I learn a ton from you! Susan


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