Thursday, January 30, 2014

SugarBelle "Guest Decorator" for the Day!

How awesome would it be if someone you admired for years, actually became your friend? (Ok... online friend but I'd say we are friends. I hope I'm not just dreaming…)

That would be pretty cool, eh?

How about if that super duper talented friend actually took a piece of your artwork and then performed that crazy cookie magic mojo on it- just like you had admired for years?

Pretty awesome I say! 
I love this cookie community!!

Callye, aka Sweet SugarBelle and I decided to collaborate on a little cookie for Valentine's day. She had a brilliant idea to make love birds on both a mustache cutter and a butterfly. This is where I came in. I designed an image that hopefully takes the time consuming "planning" out of cookie making and allows you all to concentrate solely on the love of decorating! This was one of my goals in starting my Etsy Shop "Drawn with Character." To provide images not only to the clip art community but to the cookie and cake decorating community. 

Our goal was to show you all, just how fun and versitile it can be to use a piece of clipart. It doesn't necessarily have to be on a specific shaped cookie. There can be a lot of interest in placing an image on various cookie shapes.

Best of all we are giving YOU the image as a Friday Freebie!!! Ok, is not Friday yet but this is going to kick off the Friday Freebies. Who knows, I just may have another one tomorrow!! ;)

This Image can be downloaded by clicking HERE , since Etsy doesn't allow "freebies."

This image can be printed out to fit on most butterfly cutters that we all own. The one I used is from this set here,  Wilton 101 piece Tub but Wilton also makes a few almost the exact same shape. Take a look at a few of the different sets on Amazon.

Now best of all, we have a fantastic tutorial to go along with this! If you haven't already been there, hop on over to The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle's to see how she used this image on a butterfly cookie  and much more!! And if you already have- go back- I'm sure there is something to look at!! 

I am crazy excited for how these turned out! They are beyond perfect! 
Thanks again Callye, for all the support and inspiration!!! xx


  1. Absolutely in LOVE with this!!! Thank you for the freebie :)

  2. These are "over the top" adorable!! I LOVE all of them! Thanks so much Krista for the freebie! I LOVE your drawing & cookie skills! I only wish I had a fraction of your creativity! You help out those of us who lack that creativity tremendously! Thank you, again. :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this darling little free image. Detailed piping is what I seem to struggle with the most in cookie much so that I usually avoid it at all costs! You have inspired me to give it another try...I hope it goes so well that I can come back and buy some more adorable images!

    Just wanted to add that your cookie work is amazing...a true artist!


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