Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cupid on a Girl Cutter Tutorial

I will be the first one to tell you, when I start any project, either drawing or cookies.  I have to have a  little freak out first! "I can't do this!  Where the heck do I start?!"  Well, with this post I am hoping to break it down for you in the simplest way possible. Just a  little planning can go a long way. To help out, I will put a download link at the end of this post, for the tutorial picture and the instructions. 

For this tutorial I am using my Got Ya Cupid from my Etsy site Drawn with Character. The image can be purchased HERE.
The cutter I used was the Wilton Girl cutter. However Truly Mad Plastics makes a very similar one. 

Icing in whatever shade you want, red, white, yellow
Consistency 15-20 seconds
Pedal Dust in pink and gold
Marker or black and blue gel

  1. Use whatever transfer method you wish, either a projector such as a KopyKake or the Tissue Paper Transfer Method. This can be found on my blog HERE
    I started with a girl cut out, on a white flooded cookie. Dried for 12 hours
  2. Start by trying to analyze which areas are the farthest away, (behind). I started with the face and ears. Piping with a 15-20 second icing. That way the hair and heart will look like it is ontop of the face
  3. Alternating shapes that are going to be “beside” each other, such as the legs, giving each one time to dry
  4. Pipe on wings and diaper (underwear, knickers, what do you call the pants of a Cupid?) Section by section, letting each section dry for a bit. Hair and arms. Don’t worry about little hair curls. You can add those when you detail. 
  5. Pipe on a thick, full of icing, heart.  Now let dry 2-6 hrs
  6. Pipe on arrow, hair details, black eye dots, nose, fingers and tiny toes. Use either a marker or paint for eyebrows, mouth and knees.  Now this is where everyone’s preference comes in. You could have flooded the base a blue for sky, a pink or even used a naked cookie. I chose to paint a subtle blue background on the white, so the character would pop. What I ended up with is an overworked background that I tried to dry brush clouds on. Didn’t really work. But not all cookies are a masterpiece, right?!
  7. Now for the details. You may choose to do this or not. Outline the hair, heart and pants. You can outline it all or none- it is all up to you! I then painted the arrow a gold for shimmer and a little pink pedal dust for the cheeks. 
I hope this give you a better idea as how easy it can be to approach any design, mine or any piece you may draw or find. If you think in layers and isolated shapes, it will be much less intimidating!! 

Download "GotYa Cupid" Tutorial HERE

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  1. So cute!!! Not only do I love the artwork for this cute little guy, but those toes!! Those toes are the cutest thing ever. hahaha

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  3. super adorable and also very helpful~ thanks!


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