Sunday, March 30, 2014

Simple Baby Chick in Bunny Costume Easter Cookie Tutorial

When I was designing my images for Spring/Easter 2014, this little dude popped into my head and I just had to find a way to fit it on a cutter. 

This image can can be purchased HERE at my Etsy shop. 

The cookie you see uses the pink soft grip cutter that I purchased a few years ago from Hobby Lobby. It is from their Sunny Side Up Bakery Line. Although this particular image can be used with at the new Wilton Line of Peeps cutter. 

Supplies Needed:
20 second icing in colors in white, pink, yellow, orange and black. 
Thicker piping icing in white (optional)
Yellow sugar sprinkles
Scribe tool, boo boo stick or toothpick
Pink and blue petal dust
Cookies in the shape of peeps or bunnies 
** Any image can be placed on a round, plaque or square. Feel free to use your creativity and think "outside of the cookie cutter."

1. Peeps Cookie Cutters can be found HERE
2. Flood pink nose, inside of ears and orange feet. Once pink has dried, about 10 mins in front of heat fan, flood the white outer area.
3. Flood yellow face and wings
4. Sprinkle with yellow sugar. Tap off excess. Using the flat end of a boo boo stick or knife, tap edges of the sprinkles into the icing. Let dry in front of fan about 10-15 mins.

5. Flood fluffy costume around chick with either thicker icing or 20 second icing. 
IF using thick icing, IMMEDIATELY swirl icing with scribe or toothpick, creating texture in the icing.  IF using 20 second white icing, let set for about 5 mins or so. Once icing has started to crust, go back in with a toothpick or scribe and swirl icing as stated above. 
Let dry about 15mins.
6. Pipe one tooth at a time, letting each dry before the other. 
7. Pipe on eyes, eyebrows and beak. 
8. Pipe large, full checks and immediately put cookies in front of heat fan so the checks don't crater. 

Once cookie has dried: use blue petal dust to highlight areas on the white and pink petal dust on the checks, nose and ears. 

*Note: If you don't like the "look" of a naked cookie, you could always flood the entire cookie another color, such as a medium blue. That would make the white and pink of the character pop!

**Once again, this adorable Chick in a Bunny Costume KK Image can be purchased at my Etsy store HERE. Just a reminder that ALL my images in the store come WITH a SMALL COMMERCIAL license (unto 1000 cookies!). No need to worry if it is legal to use and or sell cookies using my images. All that is needed is credit if you post your cookies online! Easy peasy lemon squeezey!

Happy cookieng! Have fun!!! :)

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