Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thinking "Outside of the Cookie"

Since opening my Etsy shop with ClipArt and KK Images, I have been asked numerous times, if I have a coordinating cutter for a particular image. 

My answer is usually:
"If I do, there will be a picture and a link along with the description. However, all images can be placed on an cutter with just a little "thinking outside of the cookie!"

This is just a little example of what I mean...

 Here I have 4 various plaque shapes and 4 images from the shop. 
*Just pretend you don't see that one on the bottom right. It didn't turn out. And by "turn out" I mean the black I was using decided to splatter all over the cookie causing a big mess. So my son ate it. See, not all cookies end up being a masterpiece, but they are still yummy!

(These can be purchased here. We also have a coupon COMEONSPRING, good until April 20th)

For this tutorial I used my KopyKake Projector. 
Place your cookie under and look for different options. Anything works.  
Move your lens up and down, looking for something that pleases your eye.
My favorite compositions are usually when an image is off set within the surrounding shape. 

In this case, I wanted the chick to take up most of the cookie, while still being "off set" just a tad. Symmetry really is boring. 

Jill over at Funky Cookie Studio, does this a lot and is a fantastic example of how you can place any image on any cookie!

The same goes for this shape. I tried many options. But eventually went with one very off set since I wanted to put some wording to the side. 

*Now comes the outlining. I used piping consistancy and a tip #1 for this particular image. 

*Next: Just fill! I use about a 15- 20 second icing to fill. 

* Use marker or paint for all black pieces first. Eyes, eyebrows and mouth. Once dry, pipe on beak and little red tongue. 
* ( Did you notice the flower changed colors? Well, yep, I took off the flower because it just wasn't the right color)

*Add a little bit of petal dust to for rosey cheeks!

* Markers and/or gel food color for inside and woodgrain on birdhouse. Add flowers and accent with petal dust as much or as little as you like. 

*I made a lot of these little royal icing transfer flowers and keep them for later use. In the end, I didn't like the colors I used on the two chicks so I decided to just pipe some on. But I loved using them in the bird house! 

Here's how I made them:
 Pipe on taped down parchment paper, in this order.

Last pipe in a center dot and let dry for at least 24hrs. 

*Peel off very slowly and store for as long as color lasts (close to a year) in a tupperware container. 

Hope this helps you change the way you look at cookie shapes! Don't forget, cookie decorating should be fun!

Happy Spring All!! :)

~Krista xxx

Monday, April 14, 2014

Easy "Peak-a-Boo Bunny" in a Basket

Here we are in the final week before Easter. Do you need a quick and easy cookie? Well I have an easy one for you. 
I know that looking at certain designs can be intimidating, however if you break it down to "layers," it really can be easy and quick. 

Lets start with this "Bunny in a Basket" design, that can be purchased from the Etsy shop, Drawn with Character. The cutter can also be found in an Etsy shop, Whisked Away Cutters. But of course with a little "thinking outside" of the cutter, you can really put ANY image on ANY shaped cookie!

Supplies Needed:
Cookies in desired shape
20 second icing in white, brown, pink, blue
Food color markers, or gel color
Paint brush
Luster dust in blue and pink

Start off by tracing the image onto the cookie, with either a projector or The Tissue Paper Method from a previous post on my blog. 

Brush on a very thin later of white icing with a paint brush. No need to worry about smoothness- I like the "texture" this creates. Let dry about 5-10 mins.

Next, pipe in either a single flat basket and handle (left) or a ribbed basket (right). 

For ribbed basket, pipe alternating lines, letting each dry before piping the ones in-between, or else they will all blend into each other. Then you will end up with the basket on the left!

Let dry in front of fan for about 10- 30 mins depending on humidity.

Once, dried, pipe on white bunny. Don't worry about inside ears etc. That will all come later.
Let dry. If you are doing about a dozen or more. If you pipe all these in stages, for instance all the bunnies at once, by the time you are done, the first one should be ready to go to the next stage. This saves a lot of time!!
Then pipe on rim and bottom of basket. I like to do it in this order so the bunny "looks" like it is actually inside the basket.

Now, its just about layering and waiting. 

Pipe bow ties and wait for dry.

Pipe bows.

Pipe center dot.

Outline, only tops of bows. I prefer to pick and choose what is outlined and what isn't. This is a great way to create texture.

Pipe, eyes, nose and paws.

Next, eyebrows and lines two small lines on paws.
Add dots for bunny tails.

Now for the fun part! 
You can either use gel colors or markers to "paint" on the eggs.
Also luster dust can add so much dimension.

Draw on eggs in various colors. Then go back with a slightly wet brush and paint/blend the color down to color the eggs.

IF you feel as though you would like more of a definition, you can go back and outline each egg with a marker or gel.

*Don't forget pink little cheeks and inside of the ears!

Another option is to use gel colors and pain in each egg. I wanted to use a more "watercolor" blended feel. I did these very quickly with little definition. Much like a blurry background in a photograph!

Finally, add a bit of dimension on a texture in the basket with either markers, paint or luster dust. 

Again, anything is possible and nothing is wrong when it comes to cookies! Just have fun!! 

Happy Easter!!

xx Krista

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