Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mason Jar Cookie Tutorial

I have been wanting to do these two tutorials for a long time and finally have gotten to it! 

My very first Jar Cookie was made for a 90th Birthday back in 2012. I will always love these the most. You can see more of these cookies and the fabulous party, by Gretchen of Three Little Monkeys Studio,  HERE.

Ever since I posted them, they have by far been my most asked about and requested cookie. But of course Mason jars are very popular to say the least right now!

(Photo courtesy of Gretchen at Three Little Monkeys Studio)

I was honored to have my Jar Cookies featured in Southern Weddings magazine, Volume V, 2012,
"Southern Sweetness"

 Since then, I've made them in large sizes...

 Medium sizes...


50th Anniversaries, tied with ribbon...

For kids birthdays...

Even for babies named "Mason"...

Needles to say, everyone wants Mason Jar cookies. Now you can make them yourself and I will show you how.


Ivory Icing- 15 seconds, for the base of the jar
Light blue Icing- for the jar details (Sky blue and a touch of teal)
Gel colors in- Ivory, teal and sky blue or delphinium blue

Corn syrup
Petal Dust or Wilton Color Dust in a blue shade
Flour for dusting


Outline and flood using the ivory icing. Easy peasy. 


Outline the jar, with the blue icing and add the logo. I do use a KopyKake for this.
Lastly, add highlights remembering the jar is round. These highlights should follow that contour.



Here are two different ways. 

One is using Petal Dust or Wilton Color Dust to achieve that classic blue Ball Jar look.
*I did use CK Blueberry for this one, however Wilton makes a pretty Periwinkle that would work nice. You can find it HERE
*Make sure the cookie is completely dry before you apply the dust.

The Second option is a Corn Syrup Glaze added onto the cookie.

Glaze Recipe:
2 Parts Corn Syrup +
1 Part Vodka 
1 dab of Teal
1 dab of Blue 
*Sometimes I use sky blue, this time I tried Delphinium Blue for a more aged look
*Add these gels with a toothpick to the CS

Apply a thin coat of the Corn Syrup Glaze with a paint brush. 
The color added to the glaze will pool in some of the smaller crevices. I like that. It gives it more of a glass look. If you are worried it won't dry or don't like the look, just use the brush to thin it out once applied. 

*You can see the jar on the left without glaze and the one on the right- with. Subtle, but pretty! 

**Now here is the key. For me at least...... Place in front of a FAN. A cooling fan that is. NOT a heat fan!! The heat will melt the Corn Syrup and keep it tacky. 

Leave them in front of the fan for at least 6-10 hours depending on your location, climate, humidity etc. Depending on the time of the year I will get varying results. 

Once you have given your jars a chance to dry, use plain flour and dust with a paint brush. I liberally dump flour on them and brush it off. 

Why don't I use powdered sugar instead of flour? 

Well, what happens when you add any liquid to PS? It turns into a wet glaze right? 
I have found if the CS Glaze is still tacky, the PS will just "melt" and make it more tacky!

The flour works best and doesn't add any taste etc to the cookie. 

If you are bagging them for freshness or shipping, (not for favors), I have cut small pieces of parchment paper or wax paper to lay onto of the the glaze side of the cookie, in the bag. Once ready to serve, you take them out of the bags a few hours before the event. If they got tacky in the bags again, they will firm up once left out. 

I know this glaze can be "fussy." If you are finding the glaze is not drying, you could always add more alcohol. You will not get as even of a shine, but it won't be as tacky. 

It really is pretty when done, but if glaze technique is not for you, go ahead and use the Petal/ Color Dust Option. That is why I provided it!! 

Now go make some cookies!! :)



  1. I love this whole set Krista!! Thank you so much for sharing your "how to's" :)

  2. Me too!! Cookies are sitting on the counter waiting for the next round of petals, and the naked jars are still in the freezer. I'm so happy*sing*sing. Gonna give 'em to my sweet MIL this weekend! Hugs Krista!!! Thanks for sharing with us all!

  3. Love your technique on the CS glaze, Krista!

  4. Thanks for this! Love that cookie!!!!!

  5. Thank you so much for this!! I'm doing a 40th anniversary set, and these are perfect!

  6. Wow, these are great! I am also doing a 40th wedding anniversary party with the Ball Jars as the theme. I'm wondering if you sell your cookies though, I don't think I could make the writing nearly as well without a KopyKake. :) Thanks!

  7. Gracias por enseñarnos a hacer cosas tan bellas!!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing, this is really so pretty. I love how do you explain everything in details. So professional, I love the final product. you are really so talented.

  9. Thanks for the tips. I tried your method of glazing and it worked fine. I used an imitation clear vanilla extract, which also seemed to work. Next time, I would make sure I have real extract to use.

    I am wondering if I could freeze the cookies once they are glazed. I have frozen cookies before with no issue, but I am concerned about the glaze on them.
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Is there a jar shaped cookie cutter that you used or did you freehand cut the cookies?


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