Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Zinnia Flower Cookies

Back in the spring of 2012, I made these Zinnia Flower Cookies for a wonderful lady's 90th Birthday. 

Since that time, I have made many variations. 

In many, many colors...

These flowers have evolved and changed over time. Yet, the basics are the same. Simple loops. 

Here is how to make them.


Either Scalloped or round cookies in various sizes 
(*I like to use a scalloped circle cutter which helps me keep track of the petals on the flower.)

2 colors of icing at a thicker 15-20 second icing 
*I'm using pink and lavender- Wilton Rose and Violet

Americolor EggYellow or orange for the center of the flower. 

Pedal Dust or Wilton Color Dust in Terracotta, Deep Pink, and Blueberry. 
(*Depending on your icing colors you will need a color that will contrast and darken the icing. For instance if you are using a purple, a CK Blueberry dust is a pretty contrast.)


OPTION 1: Looped Petals

1. Start by using a Round Tip Number 3 or 4 tip. Create loops, leaving space in-between, tapering the end.
2. Add loops in-between, after the first set has crusted. Then let dry about 5-10 mins.
3. Create second layer, slightly overlapping the first layer. Again, looping every other one, giving each a chance to dry.
4. Keep layering until you end up with a small hole in the center. Don't fill it in.

*** Key is to keep the loops varied. The more different in length, the better. This creates a more realistic looking flower. ***
*** The larger the circle, the more layers, the smaller the circle, the less layering needed.

OPTION 2: Solid Petals

Use a larger round tip, such as a Round Number 5. (Below)

1. Pipe a large dot and pull towards the center. Again, alternating petals once dry.
2-4. Follow directions as above and layer every other petal as above, leaving an opening in the center.

Fill in the center with yellow icing. Once dry, pipe small dots in an uneven pattern to create the center of the flower. I personally, like placing a few dots on the petals.

Now comes the fun part... the PETAL DUST or COLOR DUST.  
This is what I feel, really brings out the texture and makes these flowers pop!
*** Make sure the flowers are dry at least 8 hours BEFORE continuing ***

Step One: Use a darker petal dust in the center of the flower, such as a Red, Deep Pink or even a Terracotta.

Step Two: The Petals
I love adding dust to these petals, it really created texture and dimension. 

Here are a few examples of how different Petal Dusts look on different colors of icings. It really comes down to trial and error. Test some on either paper or a test cookie to see how it reacts with your particular icing. You may be surprised how certain dust colors you never thought of, will look fabulous on your icing!

I personally like how the Wilton Deep Pink and the CK Blueberry look on these icings.

Using a paint brush, start at the base of each petal with a thick coat. Brush under each petal, making sure you don't get any on the petal on top. 
*I personally like the flat tip brushes such as THESE, for these flowers*

Wilton makes a line of Color Dust and can be purchased HERE.
CK also makes fantastic Petal Dusts and can be found HERE.

And that is it! A pretty simple cookie with a lot of wow factor!! Enjoy!

Of course, what else would I pair with these flowers than my Mason Jars! You can find the MASON JAR TUTORIAL HERE


  1. Yay, oh yay!!! I've been waiting...now I get to join the "zinnia club" as someone called it the other day on IG!! I'm so happy...thank you so much, Krista!!! I LOVE your zinnias...always have. I melt everytime I see them. Can't wait...it's off to the kitchen right now to make cookie dough!!! Hugs, Sharon

    1. You are so sweet Sharon!!! Have fun making your flower cookies!!! Can't wait to see them!

  2. Wonderful tutorial! I really really really like the second option of piping solid dots! And the petal dust....wow, gives the flowers just the right touch. Beautiful and thanks for showing how it's done. Jennifer G :)

  3. These are so lovely! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial. So generous! I really love the mason jar, too!

  4. Your zinnia flower cookies are beautiful! I remember my mom growing zinnias when I was a young girl. I always stopped to admire all of the beutiful color. now I get to admire them as cookies! Thanks so much for a great tutorial!

  5. Can I add the petal/colour dust after each set of petals? You know: petals - dry- dust - petals... Sorry for english, Ania K. (Greetings from Poland :D)

    1. I'm sure you can. The only thing is that you have to wait till it is dry about a good 6-8 hrs. That will just make the whole cookie making event so much longer. :)

  6. These are BEAUTIFUL! Nice work, and they sooooo make me long for summer and my flower garden! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thanks for the tutorial! Your Zinnias are amazing!!!! I followed all the steps but my royal icing didn't behave this time LOL so I'm trying your recipe because I won't give up until getting close enough to your zinnias!


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